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doc. Mădălina Diaconu: Haptic and olfactory design


Přednáška filozofky z vídeňské univerzity doc. Madaliny Diaconu proběhne dne 23. 11. 2018 od 10:15 na Katedře filozofie v RJ 209. Doc. Madalina Diaconu se aktuálně zabývá výzkumem "Haptic and olfactory design".

The research focused on materials and the quantitative analysis and qualitative description of atmospheres. The complex methodology included the chemical analysis of samples collected in different places (in other words, the identification of fragrant compounds using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry), the psychophysiologcal interpretation of the effects specific odours (e.g. of vegetation) have on affective states and basic emotions in humans, as well as a new botanical classification of scent-families, the identification of blossom-scented plants which are suitable for the climate of Vienna and to draw their flowering-calendar. In addition to these, interviews and commented walks with experts and students enabled to describe the subjective perception of »atmospheres« in different locations in Vienna, to analyse its elements and factors, to draw smell maps of Vienna and follow the specific development of odours along seasonal cycles. On the whole, the research emphasized the influence of social practices and of narrative individual and collective identity on the sensory perception and the »synesthetic«, multimodal dimension of the lived urban space. Moreover, this diagnosis of the haptic and olfactory profile of Vienna served to identify places in the city which allow or even call for design interventions. Finally, the results of the project do not conceal specific difficulties in exploring the topic. These are related to the underdeveloped verbal competence in describing haptic and olfactory qualities and the corresponding experience, the transitory character of odours, not to mention the paradox requirement creative agents are confronted with to design or redecorate places whose qualities (patina and atmosphere) partly escape regulation and control and evolve rather involuntarily in long-term cycles, by means of a repeated use.

Více na: https://homepage.univie.ac.at/madalina.diaconu/. 

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